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December 14, 2015
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December 14, 2015
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Information about Granite Countertops

You are so excited!  You have brand new granite countertops installed in your kitchen.  They look beautiful and you want to keep them looking that way.  You have spent quite a bit of money on them and want to keep the value there since your granite countertops will last the life of the house.  You are new to the granite countertop family so have a few questions and are looking for information on how to care for your new countertops and keep them looking as nice as they do now.  Your main concern is: What needs to be done to properly clean and maintain them?

Cleaning your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops add tremendous value to your home and keeping them looking as good as they did when they were installed is quite simple, and can be done by anyone.  Here we will look at the simple things that you can do to take care of them on a daily, weekly as well as annual basis.


Using a microfiber cloth that you can purchase almost anywhere, on a daily basis you should wipe down the granite countertop.  This can be done with either a dry cloth or by using a damp cloth.  Of course, if there is something sticky, you may need to use some warm soapy water to get the sticky off, but generally speaking, clean water is sufficient to clean the granite countertop on a daily basis.


Every week or so you will want to clean your granite countertop with a damp microfiber cloth and a stone cleaner solution that has a neutral pH.  Stone cleaner can be found in most all grocery stores and will readily be available in stone countertop fabrication, stone slab showrooms and shops.  You can also clean your granite countertop with a solution of water and vinegar that is heavy on the water and light on the vinegar.


Every year, you will want to make sure that your granite countertop is still sealed so that it will not stain.  In order to check for this, drop a few drops of water onto the countertop in an area of the countertop that is used the most.  If the water remains in drops, your countertop is still sealed.  If it puddles and runs all over the countertop, it may be time to have your countertop resealed.  This is a procedure that you can do yourself, but will require you to get the proper sealer product from the fabricator or countertop supplier.  Keeping your granite countertop properly sealed will help reduce the chance of stains.  If you should happen to get a stain, don’t panic as there is an easy way to get it out without having to buy special products.

To Remove Stains from your Granite Countertops

Stains happen.  But with a little time and effort, your granite countertops do not have to be the victim of stains.  To remove stains, place 1 cup of flour or baking soda and 5 tablespoons of a mild dish washing liquid in a bowl.  Add enough water to the flour and soap mixture until you get something that has the consistency of sour cream.  Place the mixture on the stain.  Cover with plastic wrap and let it set overnight.  In the morning, wash the granite countertop off thoroughly with plenty of warm water, being mindful to remove all the mixture.  The stain should be gone.  If not, follow the same procedure for a second time.  If the stain remains, you may have to call in a professional or get some stain remover from the granite countertop manufacturer.

Things NOT to use to clean your granite countertops

Since you have spent so much on your granite countertops, you want them to last like they should.  With that in mind, there are a few things you do not want to use to clean them.  These include:

  • Harsh chemicals or products such as acetone or bleach as this can damage the finish on them.
  • Acidic chemicals or products such as lemon juice or acid as this can also damage the finish.

With proper care, your granite countertops should last your lifetime and the life of the house.  Other things you may take into consideration in the day to day use of your new countertops is although they are heat resistant, using trivets will help protect them.  Try not to drop anything heavy on them.  They are made of stone and are quite durable, but a heavy pot full dropped on your countertop can crack it.  As you would with any countertop, the normal precautions should be taken.

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