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A Few Ways to Cut Costs by Installing Granite Counter Tops

Remodeling your counter tops can be a very inexpensive project if you are constantly keeping an eye out for the best deals on granite counter tops. The kitchen or bathroom of your dreams does not have to stay a dream, it can become reality with a few easy home remodels and a little bit of time and effort to locate the best deals. The price of remodeling can become very expensive depending on what you are remodeling and what your tastes are in materials that are being installed.

There are other things to take into consideration when installing granite counter tops in your kitchen or bath.  Other hidden fees that will be added to the overall project will include labor of the company employees that you hire to install your granite counter tops and the cost of manufacturing the material to fit your specs. Although it is possible to install the granite counter tops yourself, it is highly recommended that a licensed professional do the home improvement for you.

The Different Types of Granite Counter Tops

There are three different types of granite counter tops that are used in kitchen and bathrooms. These types are Modular Granite, Granite Tiles, and Slab Granite. Each of these types can provide a different look and feel for the homeowner. Modular granite and slab granite are similar in some ways, such as modular granite having a built up edge to make it look like slab granite.

Normally, modular granite counter tops have very few seams. Slab granite has the fewest seams because it is basically one big slab cut to fit on the counter perfectly. Granite slabs can be custom made to fit into any kitchen or bathroom. Granite Tiles are the most common because they are the cheapest form of granite counter tops available on the market.  Granite counter tops that are made from tiles are formed from 12 by 12 tiles and have many seams throughout the counter top.

The Cost Difference of Granite Counter Tops

Saving money is one of the things on everyone’s agenda. It can be a big deal when remodeling to save a little money here and there to be able to splurge on something else that you really cannot live without. Even though slab granite counter tops are beautiful, will be sturdy for years, and will go nicely in your kitchen, it may not be the cheapest route.

The cheapest form of granite counter tops would be granite tile counter tops because they are broken down into many pieces and they are the thinnest type of granite offered for counter tops. They are also very easy to transport for the homeowner if they choose to complete the project themselves. Modular granite counter tops can be beautiful too. They are thicker than the tile and come in bigger sheets, unlike slab granite counter tops.

The materials that it takes to make each type of granite counter tops have their own cost value that is included in the purchase. As with other aspects of the granite, depending on what form it is in dictates how expensive or inexpensive the granite is in comparison. For slab granite counter tops, not only does it have to be custom cut, but it also has to be shipped to the homeowner to be installed. Even with a group of bodybuilders, getting the slab in the proper place could become a difficult challenge and possibly damage the slab.

Tips to Help You Save on Granite Counter Tops

Depending on your location, you can use where you live as an advantage to saving you money when hiring someone to install granite counter tops in your kitchen. Many large cities have more than one company that is willing to take on the job or needs it to fill a quota. Each company, or vendor, can be contacted and have a bid placed on what they would charge to complete the project that you desire. You can lower the cost of the entire project simply by allowing them to compete for your home remodeling project.

When companies are in their off-peak seasons, they may be desperate to fill in with a new project. If caught during this time it is possible to score a discount. Another great way to save a little money is to use online shopping and your local retailer as resources. Sometimes you can find great deals on products that were incorrectly shipped or ordered. Items that are broken or may not be up to standards to be sold at full price will also be money savers.

Finally, your home is your home, but if you were to relocate, would you receive the amount of money that you are due with the remodeling you have done? The answer should be yes, but some people forget that even if you put $100,000 worth of upgrades into a $60,000 home, it will still be worth less than $100,000 if the homes around it are priced along the same margin the home started out at before the remodel.

For more details on how to achieve the benefits of granite counter tops without breaking the bank, call Granite Huggers today and get more information!