Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a very popular choice for many applications, including kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, bar tops and more. With so many choices in colors and beautiful patterns, it is easy to find a gorgeous granite for every need.

Granite countertops last a lifetime and have so many benefits, it is hard not to want them. Call Granite Huggers in Sanger, Texas to get a quote on your new granite countertops.


When it comes to kitchen, bathroom or other granite countertops, there are many styles and colors to choose from. Plus, granite countertops can be cut into just about any shape or size. This makes granite countertops very versatile. So what are the most popular granite countertops?

One-wall or Galley Kitchen Granite Countertops

Smaller kitchens use the two most efficient kitchen setups – the galley kitchen and the one-wall kitchen. A one wall kitchen is just like it sounds. These are common in lofts and smaller apartments but were also popular in the 60’s and 70’s. Everything in your kitchen is on a single wall, thought to be a good use of  space. A galley kitchen is quite similar, but using two walls instead of one. The walls typically have opposing countertops, one on each side as you walk through the galley. Hence the name.

Since these kitchens are small, they can be well used and often have a lot of traffic. Using granite countertops can ensure a long-lasting, efficient use of space.

L-Shaped Kitchens Granite Countertops

L-shaped kitchens are extremely popular and often provide a secluded workspace for meals and cooking. That makes an L-shaped kitchen idea for corners. While granite works very well in these kitches, since the traffic is typically less, softer stones may be used as well. Quartz, slate or granite work well in the L-shaped kitchen. However, the softer stones (quartz and slate) cannot take as much “banging around.” They may become damaged quicker over granite countertops.

Granite Countertops for U-Shaped or Horseshoe Kitchens

Many homes are built with U-shaped or horseshoe kitchens. These incorporate counters around three sides of the space. Often, there is an island in the middle. With so much space, this would be considered a chef’s kitchen and provide enough room for cooking and entertaining. This causes a lot of traffic through the space. Granite countertops make an excellent choice as the hard stone will stand up to the wear and tear of extended use.

With such large space, setting up workstations for different activities is common. The durability of granite means that any appliance or workstation will stand up to the test of time. Granite countertops are also very easy to clean and take care of.

Granite Countertops for Peninsula Kitchens

Peninsula kitchens are another very popular option. They involve one of the above kitchen shapes, often horseshoe kitchens, but instead of having a floating island, the island is attached. This gives the kitchen more of a G-shape. You have a lot of versatility when looking over the most popular kitchen countertops for this type of kitchen. You have limited traffic due to the setup, so some of the more delicate materials are typically usable options.

If you have a kitchen that gets heavy use, you can also go with options such as cement and granite kitchen countertops. They give your kitchen a lot of durability, plus they offer a unique, sophisticated look. You have plenty of color options, no matter which of the most popular kitchen countertops you choose. What is most important is that you consider how you use your kitchen, how busy it will be, and the look you hope to achieve. If you are not sure what materials to use, the best option you have is to ask a professional. They know what materials work best and wear out quickest based on the size and shape of your kitchen.

No matter what style of kitchen you have, the type of material you choose for your countertops matter. Reach out to us here at Granite Huggers and let us help you figure out what is best for your kitchen and usage. Call us at (972)670-4533 today and let us have a conversation with you about the most popular kitchen countertops for the style of kitchen