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Granite Countertops Aubrey

Beautiful Designs for Years to Come

Granite countertops are attractive options for your home décor needs. They look so beautiful and perfect for any kitchen remodeling. Their alluring nature makes them a sought-after option while maintaining durability after years of use. If you’re looking for granite countertops Aubrey buyers can choose Granite Huggers to help in making the right choice.


A Natural & Versatile Design: Granite Countertops Aubrey Residents Always Want to Have

You can find granite countertops in different colors. They are also available in different styles and shapes. The colors of granite countertops Aubrey residents can buy will largely depend on the stone’s crystal color. Some of the most popular granite countertops Aubrey customers love to have is black, brown, white, and gray. Do you know why the granite countertops Aubrey home-owners always buy are so amazing in colors and patterns? It’s because the granite used in making them contains a number of rare crystals. At Granite Huggers (972) 670-4533, we know exactly what granite would fit your décor taste.

Some Outstanding Granite Materials that Defines Granite Countertops (Aubrey Residents’ Choice)

Quartz. This is one of the most typical crystals you can find in granite countertops (Aubrey residents’ choice). It delivers an attractive look for your countertops. The quartz is unique in the sense that it is used to fill existing gaps between other materials in the granite. While quartz is colorless, it can reflect the colors of other crystals in the granite.

Mica.  Another common feature of granite countertops Aubrey residents love to comment on is the mica. It adds excellent metallic components like violet, flecks of silver, pink, black, and brown to your countertops. Apart from the fact that it is beautiful; mica helps make the granite perfectly polished.

Feldspar. This is another typical element of granite. It is the material which gives color to your granite countertops. Aubrey customers have remarked on its beauty.

Unique Granite Countertops for Your Home

Although granite is available in general colors, don’t expect two slabs to be identical, making for unique granite countertops. Aubrey home-owners will always have a one-of-a-kind surface for their homes. They may look alike, but the crystals you see in granite countertops are unique. This means you can have a specific design for home remodeling needs. You can even match its amazing beauty with other features in your bathroom or kitchen.

One major reason why granite countertops are popular is due to their versatility. You can have them cut to different sizes and shapes, which adds flair to your kitchen or bathroom design. You also have the privilege of choosing from a variety of different edging options. Because of these options for your granite countertops, Aubrey home-owners can create custom designs for kitchens and bathrooms.

Are you looking for granite countertops? Aubrey residents can now choose Granite Huggers for the best granite countertops selection. Call (972) 670-4533 and get the quality your home deserves.

Why choose Granite Countertops? Aubrey Home-Owners Know Quality

Whatever slab of granite you get, it will be unique. Yes, you won’t have two pieces from the same source that look exactly the same. But, with hundreds of colors to choose from, granite countertops are among the hottest high-end options. Granite is the best you can get for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs. But that is not all. Below are four reasons why you should call Granite Huggers (972) 670-4533 to install your granite countertops for you.

Tough & Durable

In terms of hardness of material, granite is second only to diamond. It is rock-hard, and the durability is simply amazing. Once properly installed, it will be the last granite countertops Aubrey home-owners will ever need. If you are going to replace it down the road, it’s just because you want to, not that you need to. Granite countertops, installed by Granite Huggers, resist cracking, scratching, and chipping. Your granite countertops are also highly resistant to heat; thanks to its hardness.

If you want your granite countertops to last for your lifetime, then you need proper installation. Granite Huggers can guarantee that quality. Just call (972) 670-4533.

Ease of Maintenance

No one wants to invest in something that defies maintenance when the need arises. Properly sealed granite countertops will resist bacteria and stains. It also guarantees easy cleaning; just get your soap, water, and a sponge. The key to successful and easy maintenance is a proper sealing of the granite surface. To ensure you are getting the best professional for your granite countertops, Aubrey residents call Granite Huggers for this service.


Granite countertops are relatively affordable. Though, this will depend on the type or design you are looking to get. However, most styles of granite countertops Aubrey home-owners love to get are popular, which makes them readily available and affordable. Are you on a budget? At Granite Huggers, we know the type and style which fits your budget.

Granite Boosts Your Home’s Value

The value of your home will increase once Granite Huggers is through with your countertop’s installation. Because of its extreme beauty, your home will become more attractive. Upon installing granite countertops, Aubrey residents can be certain to receive a massive return on their investment. Also, granite does not depreciate in value. Rather, the quality will almost certainly appreciate beyond the value it adds. This means you can count on your granite countertops to bring you more money, if you decide to sell your home.

You Think You Know Granite? Try Granite Huggers at (972) 670-4533 for Your Granite Countertops

Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen is exciting. There are many reasons to purchase granite to get the unique style in your home. We at Granite Huggers can help you chose the granite which will fit well in your kitchen or bathroom. For further inquiry about granite countertops, Aubrey residents should call Granite Huggers at (972) 670-4533.