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Granite Countertops – Consider What You Buy Wisely

When you are in the market to buy granite countertops, you are going to need to make sure that you look at a lot of different aspects of the process first. Since you are going to be putting a lot of money into your granite countertop purchase, it is best to make sure you have everything lined up before you put the money into the product. Here are a few considerations that you need to make before you buy your next granite countertop for your home.

Think About What You Will Be Using Your Granite Countertops For

The vast majority of the time, you will be putting granite countertops in the kitchen. However, they can also be used in offices, bathrooms, or laundry rooms. If you are opting for the kitchen, then you need to look around and see if there are going to be any breaks in the counters in your kitchen, such as for a sink. If you are going to be putting a kitchen sink in the granite countertop you plan to install, then you need to go out and buy the sink first. That way, you can have the right size hole cut into the countertops before they are installed, as typically, this needs to be done before the items are delivered to your home.

Always Look at Granite Countertops in Person Before Buying

When it comes to buying granite countertops, you should always opt for seeing the item before you buy it. Just because two stores are located a mile apart does not mean you will be getting the same type of granite just by ordering black granite. You need to look at what is actually there, and pick a piece that is going to give you the look that you want. You should always buy from the same piece whenever possible, and only get your granite countertops from a place that ensures the piece you pick out is the piece you will get.

You want to go to a place that sells granite countertops that allows you to pick the specific slab you want, but also has samples for you to narrow things down from to make the process easier. It is good to start narrowing down the colors you do, or don’t, want by samples, but if you cannot pick out the piece you want from the slab it would be coming from, look for a different dealer to work with. Every single piece of granite is different, between the veins of minerals and the shading that naturally occurs in granite, so you need to be able to look through the different full slabs they have, and buy the one specific one that has all of the nuances you want for your home.

Quality is very important when it comes to granite countertops. You do not want to go with the lowest quality of granite, despite the savings, because your granite will not last a long time and it will be more apt to show wear and tear far sooner than a granite countertop that is of a higher quality. If you get a higher quality piece of granite, you can rest assured that with proper sealing and maintenance, it can easily last you decades, if not for the rest of your life.

When you are picking out the slab you want your granite countertops cut from, you should also ask the dealer what type of maintenance is going to be done to the counters before they are delivered. They will be able to tell you what type of sealing is done to the piece prior to delivery. Plus, they should also be able to give you a rundown of what will need to be done to maintain your granite countertops once they have been installed in your home. Most manufacturers suggest that every 6-12 months, after you have the granite countertops installed, you seal them. This keeps small nuances in the granite from getting bigger, and this protects the surface of your granite. This will also keep your granite countertops much more resistant to staining or damage from everyday use. Make sure to find out how they recommend you keep them clean during this process, so you can keep your granite countertops looking stunning for many years to come.

Once You Know Which Granite Countertop You Want, Have the Pros Install It

Once you have narrowed down the specific granite countertop you want to have in your home, then you need to call in the pros to actually do the installation. The folks at Granite Huggers have both the experience and the training to make sure that your granite countertop installation goes smoothly, and looks amazing when all is said and done. Give them a call and let them help you with the entire process. You won’t be disappointed.

Contact the experienced professionals of Granite Huggers today, at (972) 670-4533, and let them come help you get the perfect granite countertop for your home.