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Find Great Granite Countertops, Denton Texas

Granite offers homeowners options for adding beauty and value to their home. Available in a variety of design and color options, your granite countertop can be as unique as you. A natural stone, granite is cut to show the beauty and character of each individual piece.

While used predominantly in the kitchen, granite countertops can be a wonderful option for bathrooms, bars, and other areas of your home. Looking for granite countertops, Denton area? The Granite Huggers are experts in helping you select just the right style and type. 

Durability of Granite Countertops

One of the most desirable qualities of granite is its durability. Made of a holocrystalline structure cut from igneous rock, granite countertops are known for their strength. The crystals grow together, providing extra stability, which is one of the reasons granite holds together so well. It also provides each piece of granite a unique pattern.

Not only are the countertops highly durable, they are resistant to scratches and can stand up to high temperatures. This is particularly useful in the kitchen, where homeowners can prepare food directly on the countertop without worrying about nicks or scratches from knives. Serious chefs, however, may prefer to still use a cutting board, not to protect their countertop, but to protect their knives from becoming dull. If you have questions regarding the durability of granite countertops, Denton residents can contact the professionals at Granite Huggers to find out more.

As an added bonus, granite countertops are sealed, making them non-porous and bacteria resistant. This makes granite more sanitary than most other types of counters. In addition, the sealing process makes the granite more resistant to stains and easy to clean. Just wipe down the countertop with warm, soapy water and your counter will be ready for your next activity.

Design Options of Granite Countertops

When selecting a granite countertop, Denton shoppers have a variety of color options based on the crystals that run through the stone. Various shades of white, gray, black and brown are available, ensuring that you will find a stone that matches your home’s décor. Each cut of granite is unique, as the natural stone develops its own shadings and patterns from it’s crystals.

One of the most common crystals found in granite countertops is quartz. This adds beauty and visual appeal to the counter. Quartz often fills in spaces between the other materials in the granite, and reflects the colors found in the stone. A strong crystal formation, quartz helps add strength to the countertop as well as beauty.

Another common crystal is mica. Mica is what gives granite metallic flecks of colors which give granite a polished look. These flecks can be an assortment of black, brown, pink, violet or silver and show up in a random pattern, adding beautiful designs. Most of the color of granite comes from feldspar, which is another common element in granite.

Granite countertops are classified by color to make it easier to identify. However, each countertop will be unique. Even if the countertops appear similar, the crystal formations are unique to each slab. This guarantees that each countertop will add to the individuality of your home and allows you to accent your home with the various colors and patterns in your countertop.

If you are searching for granite countertops, Denton customers can rely on the experts at Granite Huggers for all your countertop needs. Whether you are looking for a specific size or shape, you can truly customize the look of your home by adding a unique piece of granite.

The Affordability of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are more affordable than you may expect. Depending on the size and style that you are planning for your home, you can find an affordable and readily available selection. For granite countertops, Denton can count on Granite Huggers for offering a wide range of styles, shapes, and prices.

An investment into granite countertops is an investment that will pay off. The durability of the granite means your countertop will outlast other types of countertops. In addition, it will require less maintenance and repair, retaining the value of the investment. When it comes to granite countertops, Denton residents can discover beautiful upgrades to their kitchen that are a worthwhile investment.

Not only do granite countertops add beauty, home values increase with the addition of granite countertops. Since the countertops don’t depreciate, the initial investment will pay off should you decide to sell your home. If you are considering a remodel prior to selling your home, adding granite is a smart, economical decision. When shopping for a new home with granite countertops, Denton homes stand out.

Discover the difference granite countertops can make in your home!

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