The Beauty of Granite Countertops
March 27, 2018
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April 16, 2018
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Granite Countertops Gainesville

There’s something to be said about the beauty of a polished granite countertop. These luxurious counters elevate your home to another level by adding a touch of sophistication. For highly requested granite countertops Gainesville homeowners want, call Granite Huggers.

Durable Granite Countertops Gainesville Residents Love

The strength and durability of natural granite comes from the crystal structures within this beautiful and durable stone.  The natural beauty and strength of granite is the result of the binding of the crystals inherent in this product. The patterns are displayed in each piece of lovely and unique granite in your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

The Granite Countertops Gainesville homeowners want are beautiful, durable, and incredibly resistant to scratches and staining.  The beauty will last for decades, showcasing the style and quality of your countertop. They also providing a satisfyingly functional and durable work surface.  The non-porous surface of granite is naturally resistant to germs and bacteria.  Because of this natural resistance to harmful bacteria and germs, food preparation can be done directly on a granite surface.  Additionally, there is no heed to protect this surface from hot dishes, sharp knives, or cooking liquids of any kind.  There is no easier clean up than granite; soap and water is all that is required.  Granite countertops require less maintenance than any other countertop material, lasts longer, and appreciates in value unlike other kitchen upgrades.

Design Options of Granite Countertops Gainesville Homeowners Adore

The color you choose from the wide variety available will depend on your preference. Granite comes in a variety of shades including gray, black, brown or white. The patterns are a delight and your biggest challenge is choosing the unique style and color that suits your design taste. The patterns and colors of this natural rock are never exactly the same.  Whichever color you select will be a unique and distinctly tasteful addition to your home.  Granite Countertops Gainesville experts are available to assist you in making a final choice you will enjoy for many years.

Beautiful Granite Countertops Gainesville Residents Want

Much of the beautiful and unique character of Quartz comes from crystals which are visible throughout the materials in the granite.  Quartz will reflect the colors of the surrounding crystals, both brilliantly and subtly.  It also contributes greatly to the durability of your granite countertops while adding a luster and natural sparkle that helps to define this material as superior in every way.  Mica and feldspar are other crystals that appear in even more colors, subtly defining your countertops as tasteful, elegant, and among the finest that money can buy

Affordability of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are an investment that will add value and beauty to your home for years to come. This is an investment that will complement your style and delight your senses, while also increasing the value and functionality of your kitchen or bathrooms.  In the kitchen, whether you are a gourmet cook, or a casual beginner, you will appreciate the ease of having this spectacular low-maintenance and highly durable material.  The durability and beauty add a touch of glamour to any kitchen or bathroom.

Our custom products will also increase the value of your home. If you are planning on remodeling your home, kitchen, or bathroom prior to selling your home,  speak with one of our granite countertops experts for ideas and price estimates.  We are happy to help you find the pattern, style, and project that will suit your budget, lifestyle, and decor.  Because granite countertops appreciate in value, you know that you will always get your investment back when it comes time to sell your home.  We fully guarantee our products and installation; we will ensure that you enjoy the usefulness and beauty of your granite countertops for decades to come.

If you have any questions about granite countertops or would like a consultation, please call Granite Huggers in Sanger, Texas at (972) 670-4533