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June 12, 2018
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Granite Countertops Lewisville

Granite countertops have long been known as one of the best surfaces for a kitchen or bathroom. They have a timeless look, strength, longevity, and they make a statement for quality. With so many types to choose from, homeowners can show their own unique style with a countertop specifically designed for them. From bar tops, to indoor and outdoor kitchen counters, and bathroom vanities, granite easily becomes the choice for those who expect the best. The cut of the natural stone reveals the unique character of the design. People appreciate the elegance and quality which granite countertops provide.

The Affordability of Granite Countertops Lewisville Homeowners Appreciate

Starting in the 1990s, granite used to be known for only very high-end applications. Currently, granite countertops are so prevalent in today’s home designs, their prices have become more affordable than ever. Also, granite imports have increased tenfold in the last 20 years. Granite is known as the most popular, durable choice for homeowners wanting the best. When homeowners want to sell their home quickly, they know granite countertops will give them the edge over competition. Additionally, granite countertops will increase the home value for the homeowner. They just don’t depreciate in value because of their quality. You can expect a return, not only in value, but also with all of the compliments you will receive when you invest in granite countertops. Lewisville residents know Granite Huggers have the buying power to provide them with the best granite choices today at the most affordable price.

Durable Granite Countertops Lewisville Residents Rely On

The durability of granite comes from the holocrystalline structure in the igneous rock. Crystals forming in the granite slowly grow together to make this structure super dense. Also, the unique way the crystals form together gives granite its unique look. Granite Huggers, with their diversity of granite countertops, give Lewisville residents what they know and love. Granite countertops readily resist heat and scratches and easily keep clean due to their dense structure. Chefs prefer granite because of the ease of cleanup and scratch-resistance. However, you might want to consider using a cutting board on the countertop. This simple measure will protect your knives from getting dulled from cutting on the granite. Furthermore, after completing the final sealing, granite countertops are the most sanitary, resist bacteria, and protect against stains, oil, and grease. Cleanup just became easy with only warm water, soap, and a sponge.

Design Options of Granite Countertops Lewisville Homeowners Request

The diversity of the granite designs comes from the different combinations of their crystalline structures. The granite’s crystals come in many popular colors such as black, white, gray and brown. Some rarer colors such as blues, oranges, and greens are available from time to time. Within each color, the different hue variants make unique and striking granite countertops Lewisville homeowners can view at Granite Huggers. Some common materials found in granite include:

Mica:  a crystal commonly found in granite. Mica adds metallic like flecks of black, violet, pink, brown, and silver. The mica crystals help make the granite appear polished.

The majority of granite’s color comes from a very common mineral known as Feldspar.

One of the most common crystals found in granite is quartz. It gives your granite countertops superior strength and beautiful character by filling the gaps between other materials. Quartz also augments other minerals in granite by reflecting their qualities to make the stone visually stunning.

Finishing the edges of the granite with distinctive shapes, styles, and thicknesses can easily give your countertops a customized feel. Apply this technique to both kitchen and bathroom countertops as a way to show your unique style. You have the choice of selecting from a variety of options to use for the edge of your granite countertops to provide more character to your home. Some design styles such as: full bullnose, half bullnose, beveled, ogee, and square. In case you wondered, the half bullnose is the most popular type of edge design.

Because no two pieces of granite look exactly alike, the granite you choose becomes distinctly yours and yours alone. Also, it is important when choosing your granite to make sure you get all the granite you need for your particular installation. Sometimes the granite countertops Lewisville buyers see are so unique, you won’t get the same color selection once it sells out. Some granite might appear similar in style, yet it will never have exactly the same pattern or color. There has never been a better time for granite countertops Lewisville residents can install now.

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