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Granite Countertops McKinney

When looking for granite countertops, McKinney specialists Granite Huggers are the company to turn to. They understand the longevity and beauty you get from granite, plus they know how to install it and maintain it. When you want versatility, beauty, and a look that will last, you want granite. You can pick from a wide array of colors and different designs, so there is bound to be a granite that will enhance the look of your kitchen. Show off your style by letting granite speak for you.

Durable Granite Countertops McKinney Residents Can Count On

There are few substances more durable than the granite countertops McKinney contractors, Granite Huggers, can provide. This is because granite is a natural stone known for its durability, beauty, and strength. Most stones have small crystals that do not quite fully develop, leaving them brittle in certain circumstances. Granite, on the other hand, has crystals that grow together. This reinforces its strength and gives it a more beautiful look than most other types of stone. That is part of what makes it such a great choice for both kitchens and bathrooms.

Granite has the ability to withstand higher temperatures than most other stones. It also is very resilient against scratching. That makes the material great for areas where cutting would be taking place, such as the kitchen. Many prep their food directly on top of their granite countertops due to this fact. Your countertops will not really mind you prepping your food on the counters. However, you may want to consider a butcher block so that you do not wind up with dull knives.

When you want sanitary granite countertops, McKinney granite specialists, Granite Huggers, also recommend granite. When you have your granite countertops installed, they seal them. This makes them non-porous. That means, when you use your granite countertops for everyday activities, you will not get bacteria filling in any pores which could make people sick. Granite is very easy to keep clean by simply washing with a mild soap and rinsing with water. Plus, it is also very resistant to stains when it is sealed, which helps to protect it against oil and grease.

Versatile Designs You Can Get When You Opt for Granite Countertops

When you want color in your kitchen, granite is also a great choice to make. Depending on what crystal runs throughout the stone, you can get a wide range of different colors and hues. Some of the more common colors include grays and whites, browns, and blacks. The colors and patterns you get throughout the rock will be different each time since it is cut out of natural rock.

One of the more common types of crystal that is found in granite is quartz. This adds durability and strength to the granite, along with beautiful character. You may also see mica in the stone, which can add little flecks of brown, black, silver, pink, and violet. When you have mica in your granite, it gets a more polished look. Feldspar can also be found in granite, giving your granite much of its color.

The Differences in Granite Countertops McKinney Contractors, Granite Huggers, Provide

Make sure you know ahead of time, when you pick granite countertops, they will always be different. Each cut of granite is going to produce a different look than the next. They may appear similar; however, they are going to be unique from each other. This can help your room stand out by bringing character into your room by the flecks and veins in your granite.

You can also get flare in your bathroom or your kitchen, depending on where you install the counters. Each cut of granite, including shape and finish, is going to be different. This adds to the unique qualities of the room that you put your granite countertops in.

Buying the Granite Countertops McKinney Specialists, Granite Huggers, Have to Offer, Provides Affordability

When affordable countertops are what you want, granite is a great option. It may cost you a little more up front, but the fact that it lasts far longer makes it the more affordable choice. You can go out and look at granite countertops, but you will see a wide range in prices. This variance comes from the color of the granite, the thickness you order, the crystals within the granite, and the finish on the piece you choose. Plus, the price will vary depending on where you get it. If you go to a big box store, you are going to pay more. When you want affordable granite countertops, McKinney specialists Granite Huggers can get you that deal. Since they buy granite in bulk, they get more for less, and are able to pass that discount along to those wanting kitchen and bathroom makeovers.

When you make the choice to update your bathroom or kitchen, granite is a great material to go with. Turn to the professionals here at Granite Huggers, by calling (972)670-4533 today. When you want granite countertops, McKinney specialists, Granite Huggers, are here to help!