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March 16, 2018
The Beauty of Granite Countertops
March 27, 2018
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Granite Countertops Sanger

Do your countertops need an upgrade? Granite countertops have become a mainstay in the home remodeling business. They’ve shown up in bathrooms, wet bars, kitchens and more. Anywhere a countertop is needed, the beauty of granite adds a special touch to the home. The experts in the Granite Huggers, Sanger location have been recommending granite countertops for years. Find out why this unique stone is leading the way in home décor projects.

Durability of Granite Countertops

One of the biggest draws of granite countertops is its incredible strength. Deep within the granite are structure are streaks of holocrystalline crystals that provide durability to the countertop. The crystals don’t completely develop. Instead, they grow together and give the granite extreme strength. In addition, the patterns formed by the crystals are what make each piece of granite unique.

Another feature of granite countertops Sanger homeowners love is the durability it offers. Resistant to scratches, granite can also withstand high temperatures. These attributes are part of the main reason granite countertops in the kitchen have become one of the most popular choices. Many people love the freedom of not needing a cutting board once they realize they can cut directly on the granite surface. Others, however continue to use a cutting board to protect their knives from becoming dull.

Due to the sealing process, each granite countertop becomes non-porous. This prevents contamination from bacteria, stains or other substances. Clean up of granite countertops is quick and easy. Simply wet a washcloth with warm water and wipe them clean!

Design Options of Granite Countertops

Homeowners looking for “just the right” color and style of their countertop will likely find one that will meet their needs. With granite countertops, you can select a wide range of colors: black, brown, white and gray. The colors and patterns are determined by the crystals formed within the granite.

One of the most common crystals in granite, quartz is what gives the countertop streaks of flair and beauty. Quartz fills in gaps within the granite, fitting in between the other materials that make up the granite. It beautifully reflects the colors of the crystals around it, giving the granite countertop a wonderful pattern.

Other elements found in granite include mica and feldspar. Feldspar is often found in granite and provides most of the color to the granite. Mica gives granite it’s polished look and adds metallic flecks scattered through the stone. The mica can be pink, violet, brown, black or silver. These flecks add to the beauty of the granite countertops, Sanger, Texas homeowners are selecting for their home.

One of the most appealing aspect of selecting granite countertops is the knowledge that no two countertops are going to be the same. Granite slabs are classified by color, but it is largely just based on what the predominant color is. The slabs will be unique, adding visual interest and appeal to everyone who sees the countertop. The various colors and streaks will enhance the look of a home.

Because granite is cut in large slabs, you can completely customize your bathroom or kitchen remodel by cutting it in unique shapes and sizes. You are limited only by your imagination and you can create a granite countertop Sanger, Texas homeowners will be talking about for years.

The Affordability of Granite Countertops

Once considered a luxury only the ultra-rich could afford, granite countertops have become more mainstream and affordable for nearly everyone. Pricing varies based on the size and style you wish to have. Regardless of the price of granite countertops, Sanger residents have discovered that investment was worth every penny.

Depending on what look and style you wish to have in your home, the countertop could be the center of attention, or could complement the style of your home. The possibilities are endless.

As you consider selling or buying a new home? Granite countertops can do more than simply look nice. Granite can add to the value of your home, allowing you to completely recoup your initial investment. If you are planning on upgrading your kitchen before you sell, speak to the experts at the granite countertop, Sanger location for more direction and guidance into what I came with instructions.

Granite countertops can bring a unique look to your home that will be both functional and beautiful. If you’re selling, today’s buyers are quick to identify the areas where they can see added value. Granite doesn’t depreciate and adds dashes of whimsy to the various places it is used.

Because granite countertops don’t depreciate in value, you know that you will always get your investment back when it comes time to sell your home. If you have no intention of selling, you will get to enjoy their beauty and usefulness for decades to come.

Are you in the market for a new countertop? Check out the selection of granite countertops, Sanger edition, for ideas and inspiration in your home.

If you have any questions about granite countertops or would like a consultation, please call Granite Huggers in Sanger, Texas at (972) 670-4533.