Granite Fire Pits

Granite fire pits bring life to your outdoor experience. We offer do it yourself granite fire pits or have one delivered and installed. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, square or round, big or small. Perfect for gatherings, making s’mores, grilling or to simply enjoy a quiet night with the aroma of burning wood. Its time to get you deer hunting leases ready for the season never buy another fire pit.

We also have, for an additional price, custom made screen covers, cooktops and accessories.

Why Are Granite Fire Pits Better?

When you shop for a fire pit, much of the selection you will find is low quality. The materials used can be synthetic, which will wear over time. Granite is stone and will last a lifetime. The quality is simply superior and the look of real granite fire places cannot be beat. Stone retains heat like no other material and has been used for centuries, dating back to prehistoric times. Don’t settle for less when it comes to a fire pit.

Granite Fire Pits are Surprisingly Affordable

We compared our granite fire pits to those found at the box home supply stores. We can proudly say, our granite fire pits go head to head on price with less-quality fire pits found in these stores. For around the same price, you can have the real thing that will last a lifetime. Don’t settle for less and buy an imitation “faux finish” fireplace that was made to look like stone or granite. Buy the real thing for around the same price at Granite Huggers in Sanger Texas!

We make beautiful granite fire pits, fire places, fire tables and so much more from quality, real granite. The beauty of real granite cannot be duplicated with fake materials. By far, granite is simply the best material to make these items and the most attractive.

Just look at these beautiful works of art. Here are some of the granite fire pits, tables and fire places we have built: