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Sanger, Texas a Jewel along the Santé Fe Railroad

Sanger has plenty to offer its current residents and travelers alike. It is one of the jewels that set along the Santé Fe Railroad. In the early 1800’s the Santé Fe Railroad was planned, constructed, and built creating a vast amount of towns located along its tracks. One of these towns grew to become what is known today as Sanger, Texas. Created as a stop along the railways, Sanger was settled in 1886. It was also a checkpoint for cattle that traveled through the city towards the north to be sold at the markets, making it another jewel to traveling ranchers.

Sanger, Texas was one of the biggest assets to Texas in the early days, and it has not lost its flare or attraction.  There are over 7,000 residents, as censored in 2013, which live in the 10 plus square miles of city limits. The population has continued to grow each year since the installation of the Santé Fe in 1887, a year after the establishment of the town.

Economic Life in Sanger, Texas

Ranches and farms are responsible for creating the economic growth that Sanger has seen over the years. In the earlier years, they were known for their wheat, amongst other cash crops such as maize, oats, cotton, and millet. Cattle and horses were two of the main types of livestock that could be found, bought and sold, inside Denton County, where Sanger is located. All of these and a few other crops and livestock farms, were and still are a large part of the economic life of Sanger, Texas.

Businesses also have played a key role in helping the economic growth of Sanger. Occupations that help to promote Sanger and keep the day to day running smoothly include management and financial operations, professional occupations, services, sales and office, construction, maintenance, production, material moving, and transportation. Some of these businesses are small, mom and pop type businesses, while others are more industrial or commercial.

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Education in Sanger, Texas

There are many popular schools and institutions located in Texas. North Central Texas College, Texas Women’s University, and the University of North Texas are all located in Denton County, Sanger, Texas. Along with these universities and college are that of lower education, such as the K through 12 programs. There is a community organized foundation that is called Sanger Education Foundation. This foundation helps with raising awareness for those who have not been educated properly and giving more to those who need additional educational resources.

Pre-K education and K through 12 educational programs are designed to provide children with extra resources for their learning needs. The public library also plays a major role in helping children achieve reading goals and other set accomplishments. Above all, education plays a very important role in the lives of the community and the town. It helps to create future generations of Texans to help promote, grow, and establish a bigger and brighter tomorrow for Sanger, Texas.

Special Events and Occasions Celebrated in Sanger, Texas

Like many other towns and cities, Sanger participates in holiday events such as Christmas parades and community gatherings for Easter egg hunts and much more. One of the biggest locations for events is the Sanger Public Library, which hosts an abundance of events and drives to help their community. Storytime events are scheduled each month for children to enjoy being read to. Sometimes, special guests make an appearance for the children, such as The Cat in the Hat and Santa Clause. The library also offers other themed events that help gather the community together for entertainment such as Magic the Gathering events and UFO’s Unfinished Objects events. Food drives are also hosted by the public library to help aid those who may have less than others or are struggling to survive.

Sanger State Park and Activities Offered

Another great place that events occur is the Ray Roberts Lake State Park. The park allows for a lot of relaxing and enjoyment of nature’s playground. Visitors are welcome to camp, bike, hike, rollerblade, horseback ride, backpack, and geocache. There are designated swimming areas that allow for paddling and swimming during the warmer months. Fishing is one of the biggest attractions to Ray Roberts Lake State Park in Sanger, Texas as there is over 29,000 acres of lake to choose from with run offs for additional selection. Children are also welcome to fish in the kid’s fishing pond that is located a safe distance away from the larger lake.

Sanger, Texas is truly a jewel for every family to enjoy. From history to events and special occasions, there are tons of activities to indulge yourself into. Some, you can relax and watch, while others may require participation. Historical attractions around Sanger also offer plenty of other attractions for locals and visitors.

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