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Sanger, Texas Puts Itself on the Map as “Someplace Special”

Sanger, Texas originally sprang up in 1886 as a small railroad town on the Santa Fe Railroad. From there, the small town quickly established itself, becoming well known for its cattle as well as its crops of oats, wheat, and corn. Sanger, Texas provides residents the benefit of a small town community while still being in close proximity to the convenience and opportunity that lies less than an hour away in Dallas and Ft. Worth Texas.

A Higher Quality of Life in Sanger

The mayor of Sanger, Texas, Thomas Muir, refers to the quiet town of Sanger as “Someplace Special,” and with good reason. The town prides itself on being able to provide a higher quality of life for the residents. They accomplish this in a number of ways. The small town community of Sanger, Texas is comfortable and personal, providing residents with a feeling of family that frequently is lacking in bigger city environments. With a population around 7,000, residents get all the perks of a small community with many local shops and restaurants, with larger venues just a short commute away. The proximity to the large cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth Texas is the perfect distance to still allow small business owners to thrive in Sanger, Texas while still allowing the option for many to commute to jobs in the larger city if needed.

Sanger, Texas also prides itself in regard to its school district. The school district is the ideal size, allowing students to participate in a superior academic curriculum, athletics, and creative programs to stimulate young minds and bodies, while still providing them with the individual attention that children need to flourish and grow. For residents looking to advance their education, the University of North Texas and Texas Women’s University are nearby.

The city of Sanger, Texas provides all types of homes for its residents.  Everything from apartments, to single family homes, and even historical architecture are affordable in the community with median home prices an incredibly low $127,100. An abundance of parks, shops, restaurants, and churches strive to preserve the small community feel in the shadow of the larger nearby cities.

Economic Development in Sanger, Texas

Sanger, Texas is in a prime location for economic development. Not only due to the closeness to Dallas and Ft. Worth Texas, but also because it is located along interstate 35. This is a prime location for businesses that are looking to relocate or expand into northern Texas. Sanger, Texas also provides easy access to DFW airport for quick business travel. Distributors and manufacturers are flocking to this prime location to grow their business. Sanger, Texas also believes in helping small, local businesses. The combined interest in not only bringing new business to the area, but supporting and creating local businesses and jobs is one of the great things that truly makes Sanger, Texas unique and an ideal place to live and work.

Companies like Granite Huggers find themselves at home in Sanger, Texas. They’re able to provide the local community and surrounding areas with their services and products while still being able to serve the surrounding areas of Northern Texas and even the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas. Not only is Granite Huggers a great business for the area, but they also are an environmentally friendly business and strive to build a better, greener environment using recycled granite remnants to accent your home with beautiful, unique, ecologically friendly custom touches. Their products and services can easily help you set your home apart with a personalized fireplace, backsplash, fire pit, patio, or walkway. Small businesses like this are a key part to the success and appeal of Sanger, Texas.

Community Organizations in Sanger, Texas

If you are considering relocating to Sanger, Texas, you’re gaining more than a new neighborhood. The city of Sanger, Texas has many organizations and programs for the local residents. These programs and organizations maintain the strong bond felt between neighbors in the Sanger, Texas community. Local social and physical activities provide an excellent way for you and your family to stay active in life and in the community. Local groups also help give back to the community and are always looking for more volunteers if you would like to do your part to give back to the community. You can participate in the things you love most and you will meet other people who share your passion. Sanger, Texas is a friendly environment and it’s easy to meet people who share your values.

Residents of Sanger, Texas also have access to over 88 acres of park land. Areas to play sports, picnic, and even a splash pad are located throughout the town for your convenience. Ray Roberts Lake State Park is also available to residents who want to partake in outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, hiking, biking, swimming, horseback riding, and so much more.

Sanger, Texas is truly a community that has it all.

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